Shake Spears is a game of GLORY, HONOR, and FAME! Become a valiant knight and enter tournaments to compete for the heart of a beautiful lady. Travel through FOUR worlds of wonder, win battles in 20 cities, and beat challenging bosses in this epic game. It's time to become a HERO for the ages!

Take out opponents with well-aimed strikes in knightly competitions of strategy and precision! Only a steady hand and a trusty steed can guarantee your victory! Upgrade your skills, armor, and weapons, and remember to use a dash of magic to overtake your enemies. Will you answer the call of destiny and become the most honored knight in the land? THEN SHAKE YOUR SPEAR!

There's also iPad version of this game! Check the App Store!


  • Four worlds with epic bosses
  • Opponent’s AI
  • Special abilities and skills
  • Magic artifacts
  • Unlimited upgrades
  • Stunning graphic and battle effects
  • Online multiplayer to prove once and for all you are the greatest knight of them all!
  • Changeable knight class — become a mighty alchemist, an enchanting warlock, or a handy mechanic!

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Great game
I got interested in this game so I installed it. I made a right decision. It kept me entertained for hours! Very good graphics, gameplay, simply awesome game. I highly recommend it! Great job developer!
Love it!!!
The game is very addicting. I love the graphics. Just try it and you’ll love it. Strongly recommended!
This game is amazing, I love games where you upgrade all of your stuff, it’s the best free game in the app store I would pay 2.99 for this game that’s how good it is.
Ms froggie